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Jordan Schroeder is going to surprise a lot of ppl this year

Jordan Schroeder

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I have no doubt that Jordan Schroeder will make the team to start the season and I feel like he'll surprise a lot of people/doubters. I expect him to play the Cody Hodgson role of last season, before he got traded, and do just as well if not better.

I feel that people tend to focus on his size as a deterent from him being a NHL player but forget that in his draft year, many people believed his skillset was that of a top 5 pick. This kid has some real dynamic skill that can translate to the NHL. He has been developed properly the last 2 years in the AHL and has learned to play a reliable 2 way game.

Our team severely lacks playmakers outside of the Sedin twins and one of his strongest assets is his vision and passing abilities. I think you'll see him on the 2nd unit PP much like Hodgson and be effective.

I think in terms of skillsets, he is on par with a guy like Cody Hodgson. But he is a much stronger skater in all facets.

Tons of small players in the NHL have been successful. No reason why Schroeder can't if given a fair shake.

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I agree.

He's a good young player.

I think out of all our prospects he has best pure offensive skillset, Jensen comes close but Schreoder's offensive game is more dynamic and I think he has game breaking offensive ability. He just has to continue to develop. And realize his potential.

No Reason to count this guy out, I'm not 100% sure if he is ready yet but I believe he might be and we will see.

I'm super excited to see him come September.

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Hooray for positivity on these forums! I award you 5 stars and a thumbs up. :)

I very much hope, as you do, that Schroeder will come in and wow people. I hope Kassian does really well at some point too if for nothing else than to shut all of the people up who are still crying about Hodgson leaving.

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