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Joslin and Mullen: What was the purpose of signing them?


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Why did Gillis sign Joslin and Mullen? Is this purely for the Wolves? If so, is this because an AHler will be brought out of the minors?

I understand signing Garrison, who is clearly a top 4 defenseman.

However neither Joslin or Mullen bring anything the Canucks lineup currently need to the table. Are they part of a larger move during the summer?

I need answers!

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We gave up Rome and needed to replace that depth.

Joslin is inexpensive and has NHL experience, and could rotate into the bottom-two pairing along with Ballard (you know he's going to be there) Alberts, and Tanev, depending on AV's whims and what he wants in a particular game, or to cover for the inevitable injuries to our defensive corps.

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I think one of them was a Baumer replacement, the other better not be a Rome replacement. These guys are both pretty brutal so hopefully we never see them play a playoff game. I hope MG picks up a decent #5 defenceman at the deadline in case of injuries, otherwise if we lose say Hamhuis to a concussion and Bieksa to a leg injury, look at our defence:

Edler - Garrison

Ballard - Tanev

Alberts - Joslin


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