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Tom Kostopoulos

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Why are the Canucks not going after this guy? We all saw what he did to Bieksa.

I think he would be a great addition to our 4th line. I believe the most consistent line for the Flames was their 4th line with Kostopoulos on it.

He's big he can fight and can skate. Isn't this what we're looking for on our 4th line?

I guess Gillis is waitting to steal this guy?

We lost out on Konopka and I hope we don't lose out on this guy too.

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Kostopoulos got lucky against Bieksa. He has the league title for "punching bag". I don't think there is a guy with a more pitiful fight record. For the record Bieksa has lost only 5 fights out of 35.

In 61 regular season NHL fights he got credited with 3 wins according to hockeyfights.com. Heck even Jeff Cowan who was a pretty bad punching bag at least won 7/34.

Bitz is 3/9 with a fight record of 3-3-3. Weise is 1/14, so he could potentially be another Kostopolous.

I'd rather go after Matt Bradley over Kostopolous. Bradley has won 19 out of 63 (he is still a bit of a punching bag, but a lot of those non-wins were draws or no rating). Bradley had 134 hits in 45 games VS Kostopolous 124 in 81. Bradley is also a little bigger and had slightly better offensive numbers. But I don't really want either of them TBH.

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