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Glendale votes NO on new tax initiative. Doan likely to go on market

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Found this today in the Glendale news. Would indicate a failed attempt to block a tax increase by the business community. Much of the increase would be used to cover management fees for the arena,

Looks to me like the council and their attorney are playing bureaucratic games over dotting i's and crossing t's.

Legal challenge is still possible.

Glendale has rejected a business group's attempt to overturn a sales-tax hike approved by the City Council.

The group last week had submitted 4,138 signatures to get the initiative on the November ballot. About 2,100 valid signatures were required.

icon_new_pdf.pngRejection letter

But City Attorney Craig Tindall on Wednesday said officials found issues with the summary that the group submitted along with the signatures.

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Pfft....Eklund. :picard:

I have never been happier to be wrong! I was texted this ballot measure being disqualified was bad news for the future of the Coyotes, when in fact it was exactly the opposite. I am always in favor of hockey fans NOT losing their team. again I apologize.

Per Phoenix Biz Journal:

"The city of Glendale has disqualified a ballot measure aimed at blocking a proposed sales tax increase. Glendale disqualified the measure Wednesday, arguing ballot and petition language was misleading to voters. In addition, the city said there were other technical problems with the ballot measure and its campaign committee. Keeping the sales tax measure off the November ballot could be a boost to the city’s 20-year deal with prospective Phoenix Coyotes buyer Greg Jamison."


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He's still a UFA...it just means that there's a possibility that the new prospective owner has some more certainty that the city will help keep the team in PHX, therefore allowing Doan some comfort and somewhat certainty that an owner can be found, so that he can remain.

There's one guy that's looking into purchasing the team, so if he's confident going forward with the purchase as a result of the vote today, going the way he'd want it to, then Doan will probably end up re-signing there.

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How does Eklund even still have his blog.. Pretty sure anyone can make up rumors and say my sources are telling me this.. He's never right.. And if he is it's only cuz he's made up so many one is bound to come true...

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