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War Drums: US moving dozens of submersibles to Persian Gulf


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I really hope Iran takes out as many American soldiers as they can. We all know USA is starting wars and killing innocent peoples.

Corrupt nation, corrupt leaders, retarded citizens. Yeah spending all the taxpayers money to fund the military sure has done worked well. Hopefully Russia and China take out USA the quicker the better!!!!!!!

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"Iraq first aggressed for oil before the US and then got attacked in turn"

If this is about the Kuwait invasion:

IIRC Saddam asked Kuwait to stop slant drilling into Iraqi territory,they didn't.

Saddam asked the UN to ask Kuwait to stop slant drilling,they didn't so Saddam invaded.

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‘US to Iran: In case of Israeli strike, don’t fire on our bases’

Washington tells Tehran that it will not join in an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear program, Yedioth Ahronoth reports

The United States has no intention of joining in a preemptive Israeli strike on Iran and expects the Islamic Republic to refrain from attacking US targets in the case of such an attack, senior Washington officials told their Iranian counterparts, according to a report in Yedioth Ahronoth on Monday.

In recent days, senior administration officials reportedly sent messages to Iran, through diplomats from two European states, addressing the possibility that Israel would launch a unilateral strike and establishing that the US expects Iran to not draw it into a conflict by firing on American army bases and aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf.

Monday’s report came amid widespread debate over the level of coordination between Israel and the US on halting Iran’s nuclear program, which — despite assurances by US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro on Sunday that the relationship is as good as ever — appeared to be strained.

While Israel has warned that the Iranians are quickly approaching a potential weapons capability and that the use of force must be seriously considered, the US says sanctions and international diplomacy must be given more time to work.

Highlighting the disagreement between the two countries on the use of force were reports of a scaling-down of joint US-Israel missile defense exercises in October, and public comments by the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey, who said last Thursday that he did not want to be “complicit” in an Israeli attack on Iran.

Earlier on Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinted at criticism of the US position on Iran, telling ministers at the weekly Cabinet meeting that the international community has failed to send a clear message to Iran regarding its nuclear program. Netanyahu said that while international sanctions have harmed Tehran, they haven’t done “anything to stall the progress of the nuclear program.”

On Saturday, former minister Tzachi Hanegbi said the United States is not determined to halt Iran from getting a bomb and last eek’s IAEA report, which indicated that Iran has expanded its capacity for uranium enrichment, granted Israel even more legitimacy to strike Iran on its own.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported on Monday that the Obama Administration is installing new curbs against Iran as a way to calm Israel and keep Jerusalem from launching an attack. It asserted that the president was considering a declaration of American “red lines.”


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The problem with Iran is that they will not distinguish between Israel and America. They will respond to an Israeli attack by attacking American forces in the region. That being said, America has been strengthening their fortifications should Iran decided to attak the US bases. And there would be hell to pay if they did so. I feel bad for my friends stationed in the Middle East.

As for keeping the waterway open, Qatar and other countried have been building a pipeline to bypass the Strait of Hormuz. This will help prevent Iran from cutting off the world's oil supply.

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Mining the straight of hormuz seems more like a ploy to shut down commercial shipping lanes. I doubt Iran has the balls to attack a US navy ship directly, but a 'terrorist' attack on an oil freighter or ten would cause some trouble for their enemy, certainly. Their enemy being western imperialistic greed.

The US could easily win a war against Iran, but the cost would be tremendous. Meanwhile, China's just sitting there. You'd think they'd give their full blessing on a US takeover of Iran as well? Obviously an agreement must be reached with them before the US strikes. And i wonder if another 9/11 needs to be staged first. We'll see.

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I doubt anything happens. If US ain't joining the war, Israel will be sitting idle. Israel is just posturing, because all these talks about a war usually won't happen if they were really serious about going into a war with Iran. Its all scare tactics that Israel is using so Iran would stop their nuclear program. Iran knows this and they are proceeding with their nuclear program. Also, if there was ever a war with Iran, it would not be as easy as the Iraq war. Iran is better equipped for a war than Iraq ever was, so the casualties of this war would be greater than the war and invasion of Iraq.

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Suitcase dirty nuke in a US metropolitan area.

That should do it.

Doesn't matter if it's actually 'from Iran' or not. The US would crush them like a bug.

This is probably why Iran should be heavily anti-terrorist. Not pro-terrorist.

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