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Here's the idea- a relatively simple social game/app hosted by CDC to serve the following purposes

-Provide exposure to fans and generate new fans

-Keep CDC veterans busy between postings

-Satisfy those in hockey withdrawal

-Familiarize fans with the team members

-Learn about Canucks hockey, the prospects, historical players


-Connected facebook and twitter app for sharing scores (perhaps integrated with existing apps/groups)

-Simple flash based game environment

-All Canuck team members should be 'playable' or used during game play

What kind of game would you find satisfying? Casual or more advanced? Card based, multiplayer? Real time or turn based- and what's the medium? Post your ideas. Please keep it simple and reasonable. I have some friends in the mobile app business (3D game development is going down the drain in Vancouver) and just thought I'd bounce the idea.

Example Ideas:

-Breakaway game, 2 players (1 goalie and 1 shooter) play against each other in a timed game winnable by countering your opponent's keystrokes in real time to make saves or perform dekes

-Lineup game, design your favorite lineups and play them against friend's lineups, based on the next regular season scheduled game

-Prediction game, yes it's been done by EA on a fairly weak version of something that could be more fun (predict the outcome of the next game for points)

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Distribution is another topic, for discussion after the fact, along with things like marketing and promotional integration (win tickets or jerseys/swag/etc by playing and winning, and referring the game to new people). If it gets developed here, it can start being focussed on the team here, if other teams want similar things, or if there should be an NHL wide integration.. That's down the road a little :) I'm just wondering how CDCers would want to spend the time, if this was made available, starting by being developed by Canucks fans for Canucks fans.. The team would have a BIG advantage for gathering attention over other teams, who don't even have a legible message board in some cases.

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