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[Signing] Oilers re-sign Theo Peckham

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He was great in 2010-11 and the struggled last season. He hasn't been the same since Horton TKO'd him in a fight. Hopefully he returns to form because he has #4/5 potential when he's on his game.

Who wouldn't like this player on their team?

My favorite Peckham moment was when he tried to chase Avery down the tunnel after he sucker punched Smid. Unfortunately Boyle grabbed him just as he was about to step off the ice. It would have been really ugly for Avery had Peckham got a hold of him.


Other Peckham highlights include beating up Cooke and Claude Lemieux. Both can be seen in the first video.

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Avery is such a poosy.. Acts like he doesn't want to fight and the suckers smid. Then tries to play the "let me at him" towards peckham in the tunnel knowing there's a ref there.. Would have been funny to see the ref finally let Avery go fight him after all the years of playing tough guy when he knows the guy can't actually get to him

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