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It wasn't even that difficult of a save. It was just a matter of anticipating the turnover and blocking an easy shot.

I think his save in the dying seconds of the semifinal on Demitra (RIP) and his other save in OT of game 7 against Chicago were way more clutch and impressive.

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Schneider sucks, he's gonna crap the bed when he realizes he's not Luongo and that his success was mostly due to lots of rest/always fresh when starting and the mentoring from the Olympic Hero. Don't want Schneider to do bad but it will happen...kid can't handle the pressure of playing a long season in a range to 60-70 games and then perform even better come playoffs...he'llbe chased out by fans in no time, the same ones that want him and Luongo out.

Hope Lu stays and helps us win a Cup; with Lu, you know the product your getting plus TONS of experience. With Schneider, it's a guessing game and no knowing what will happen / Lu gives us a better shot at winning NOW. Can't wait if he's gone and the team starts struggling - will lol and cheer him on no matter where he goes.

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