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[Proposal] Moves to Shore Up the Canucks

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I'd take back the 5th and try to swap Volpatti for Bissonnette (otherwise not much point in the deal, the team doesn't really need that many strictly invigilating enforcers without skill to contribute more).

Also, not sold on how much of an upgrade Mike Weber would be on Joslin, Mike was -19 and Derek was -15 with similar point totals, just that Mike is more physical but Derek provides more mobility (and we have Andrew Alberts for physicality in the back end). Tochkin at 5'10" doesn't fit the big team the Sabres are trying to become.

Not a fan of Lu going for such mediocre pieces... plus no way Theodore doesn't come back IMO. Jose + at least Petrovic and a pick, if not Versteeg's rights (not sure if it's a reach for Bjugstad).

Aside from Weise and Eddie L. honestly I'm lacking interest in everyone else who's signed. No way Brule comes for that much, and Ellis isn't much of an option.

Frankly, the only trades listed that I would do are that with the Coyotes and Lu to the Panthers. Otherwise, bigger changes should come, like as someone mentioned bring in Doan or Semin. Those are the needed changes, our bottom players are good enough (and the guys brought in won't be much in terms of playoff contributors).

I'm personally a fan of Ballard + ? for Colin Wilson's rights from Nashville.

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