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Big market teams vs small market teams

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The Shea weber saga is another perfect example of how a big market team is able to do everything to basically steal players away with offers that the small market teams just can't afford to match. Sure David Poile has said he will match any offer but seriously do you think the ownership of the preds will sign its name to a 14 yr 110 mil dollar contract.

Breakdown on terms (per season)

1-4 years 14 mil

4-6 years. 12 mil

6-10 years 10 mil

10. Years 3 mil

11-14 years 1 mil

Something has to be done in the next cba because if not the summer of 2013 will be very interesting.

Potential free agents that will get 6+ years

1. Corey perry

2. Ryan getzlef

3. Alex edler

4. Scott Hartnell

And there are others

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