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why didn't we offer sheet weber?

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If you read the province, Gilman said they wanted to offer sheet weber, but he never said why they didn't do it. the article said it was not the money or the salary cap structure that was the barrier...the reason why they did not offer sheet is not clear.

Is there a down side to offer sheeting weber (if there is please please tell me) No, there is not, this amount of money the canucks were cool with (im aware of their internal structure and Gillman address this in the article), same as the term. It seemed to me that they did not offer sheet him because they thought it might not work...IMO, well at least take the chance like Philly did.

Philly is in a no lose situation. If they get him they give the equivalent of 4 Gaunce/Jensen type players, if they don't get him, no problem. If Nashville matches then for 1 year they have exclusive negotiating rights with Nashville if Weber decides he wants to leave.

Gillis and co just keep dropping the ball

There is a reference to a one year offer sheet to weber for more money- what a putrid idea- lose 4 first rounders for a player you get for 1 year?

This offer sheet make the Canucks look really silly.

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