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14 People Shot Dead at Dark Knight Rises Theatre in Denver


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Fourteen cinema-goers are reported to have been killed and 50 hurt at a cinema in the Colorado city of Aurora during a midnight showing of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.

Local media also report that two gunmen, believed to have been wearing gas masks, went on the rampage. Further reports confirmed that a blast went off at the theatre number 9 in Century 16 cinema in Aurora,1400 East Alamdea Ave, leaving several injured.

Police said they were hunting an Indian male and began a manhunt at a local mall.

"The number of injured is unclear right now," Al Boe, journalist at BNO News, told IBTimes UK on Twitter. "An explosion definitely went off but early reports said shots were fired. Multiple injuries"

Many children are feared among the casualties. Fox News has reported that a baby was shot at close range.

A second device may have been located in the parking lot of the theatre, according to police radio. Explosive K9's are on scene. POlice are checking a Hyundai vehicle in the car park.

Aurora is the third largest city in Colorado and predominantly working class.

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What the... This is completely shocking and disturbing news.

This is the last thing people would expect when going to watch the Dark Knight Rises, everyone is in good spirits and these pieces of filth do something so horrid.

I hope the people who had any part in this are caught and are given the death penalty.

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Terrifying. Thoughts are with all those affected by this, especially the families of the victims. Some fracked up people in this world. It's sad you can't even go watch a movie without the fear of getting shot.

A 3 month old is the youngest victim.

I don't know if any of you know Jessica Redfield(@JessicaRedfield is her twitter), she does some NHL work and I follow her on twitter but she is confirmed to be one of the 14 people dead. Greenmen just posted a picture of her in a Canucks shirt actually http://d3j5vwomefv46...ASh4MjGIBqGrDI_. Her last tweet was that the movie is about to start in 20 minutes. Just crazy how unpredictable life is.

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