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(Report) Alexei Yashin has a concrete offer from unnamed NHL team.

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I'd be quite happy with Yashin filling in on the 2nd line while Kesler was rehabbing. We would then have the option of trying Yashin with Kesler and Booth on the 2nd or switching Yashin or Kesler into the 3rd spot depending on what look they wanted to go for (a shutdown line or a 3rd line for scoring). An experienced guy that can play Center or Wing gives a lot of flexibility. We have nobody on the roster that would have better potential as a fill in like this.

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Sorry guys... U are on crack if u think Kesler is #3 center.

70 points. 30+ assists... Come on.

Forget the pass first bs... He passed first a bunch when he was healthy and had speed - hard to make space with your speed so u can pass to someone wen u are hobbled...

Lockout is the best thing thy can happen for kess.... Could turn him from a 30-40 point guy to a 70-80 point guy - if he can actually get healthy. Same thing happened to selanne last lockout, if u recall?

Sorry I'm giving up on fixing iPhone autocorrect ...

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Yashin can be a good player but considering why Ottawa moved him in the first place and things that happened in New York gaining the reputation of a guy who makes Semin look like a lunch bucket kind of guy.

To all the Vancouver fans who are already penciling him into the line up, all I can say is...


Are you that desperate for a new face in the hockey club?

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