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Should Brendan Gaunce be given a serious look for the 3rd line center position



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this year we got a rare opportunity to draft one of the prospects that scouts had said was" one of the most NHL ready players in the 2012 draft".

at 6'2'' 215 gaunce is certainly physically ready, the only question is can he translate his skill set to the nhl that qucikly

there is no doubt that guance is a good pick. worst case scenario you probably have a good, hard working, big third line center.

i think he should at least get a shot for the third line because hea raved for his complete two way game. the scouts had said he was the best two way forward available at the draft.

with kes out for the start of the season there is room for both schroeder and gaunce to at least show that they are capable of playing in the NHL.

in the end i think it is a good idea to give gaunce the 7 games and at least see what they have in him, same thing for jensen, if hes not ready send him down no harm done.

im saying this only because im sure if gaunce doesnt make the team this year i think he will the following year with manny likely not going to be resigned.

what do you guys think?

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We will see at training camp.... but no need to rush him in. He has a year or two left of junior eligibility so he can develop his game there and then we can see if he needs time in the AHL or if he can make the jump to the NHL.

also you should add an option in the poll "No - we need to trade for a 3rd line center"

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Too inexperienced.

Too physically immature.

Not ready to play against men and NHL speed.

I say no to the 3rd line or any position on the team for at least a minimum of 2 years.

Edit - After further thought, I'll rescind my critique of his physical immaturity. Kid has decent size.

I still stand by my assertion that he's not ready, or at the least, the Canucks have better options at the 3rd line center positions than him.

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Guest Dasein

Yeah if he is good I wouldn't count him out. We should give everyone and anyone who challenges for a roster spot a legitimate chance and a serious look.

But I don't think he's ready.

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Another option of "Yes, but he has to earn his roster spot just like everyone else." I'm sure that looks would be had, maybe even to give him his 9 games, but as mentioned he needs to earn it, just like everyone else does. Good luck to him though, I like his upside.

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i've been preaching this for a while now so good for you OP in bringing it up again

Like you said, he was one of the most NHL ready prospects in this year's draft. He is already physically mature. The only knock on him at the moment is his skating. But if he has worked hard this off season and has a good training camp he should get at least the 9 games

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