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1994 Canucks vs Rangers Game 6 Stanley Cup Finals


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Stop living in the past and glorifying losing. While it was a great post season run, bottom line is we didn't win. It's sad that the we keep celebrating 1994 like we won the cup. No wonder fans of championship teams make fun of us cause we have nothing to show in 42 years of existence and we keep celebrating the years we came so close but still didn't win.

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And what really makes me burn in rage is the fact that the Canucks turned around and went after this guy after he cheap-shotted Linden and had him put on a Canuck jersey and essentially "forced" Linden to give up his captaincy. Anybody who believes the "company line"...that Linden volunteered to give up his captaincy to Messier...enjoy the Kool-Aid. I don't believe it for a second no matter what Trevor said in "Forever a Canuck". It was a mistake, pure and simple.

Of course the camera was not anywhere near where Messier went after Linden (it was "following the play"). Was supremely pissed off when I heard Linden got hacked. Watched it with my dad after work. The rest of my co-workers at my real estate office were watching the game and they were seriously pissed off the next day... said that hack should have started a line brawl.

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