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Best current fighter on the Canucks?

-Vintage Canuck-

Who do you guys think is the best fighter on the Canucks right now?  

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Sadly, Bieksa.....and I say that as one of Juice's loudest supporters, being that he's my favorite Canuck player for years and years now.

He's the best pound for pound fighter on the team....but if he is, then that means we're missing a legit scrapper/police-man.

But, for the purposes of this thread and my man-crushing support of Juice, i'll happy put my lot in with KB3.

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Zack Kassian slaughters anyone on the Nucks roster. Everyone will vote for Bieksa because of what they've seen him do but he fights nobodies and picks his spots. Kassian is a legit heavyweight, who takes on the big boys. Just because Bieksa does well and wins his fights doesnt make him a better fighter, thats like saying the best AHL team is better than any NHL team, they are in different leagues. Bieksa wouldnt dare drop the gloves with a guy like Kassian we saw how he handled Clowe challenging him.

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