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Luongo Trade Proposal

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I hope people understand that Gillis has absolutely NO leverage in the Luongo deal. You think Howson got raped when he traded Rick Nash? Luongo's return will be far worse.

Yeah, Luongo is not going to fetch Gudbranson in any shape or form, stop dreaming.

Florida doesn't NEED Luongo. It would be a nice luxury for them to upgrade in net, but they don't need him. They have Theodore, Clemmensen, and Markstrom coming up the pipe.

Versteeg is going nowhere, he was just resigned to a 4-year deal. I keep having to mention this in every Luongo to Florida proposal, but Huberdeau and Hudbranson are untouchable.

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Seriously is there a guideline for these proposals.

To Team X: (random player probably luongo)+Raymond+Ballard+2nd

To Canucks: Best prospect from other team+Good Player+1st

Reason: Quantity>Quality, and i'm a homer and that say in this case Gudbranson has proved nothing in the nhl where as Ballard has..... Really these proposals have to stop. If we want someone such as Gudbranson we probably would have to include Kassian+Jensen+1st+Luongo in exchange for Gudbranson+Robak+5th. That's what were looking at not a winger that had a off year due to injury, a 3rd pairing d man who only plays acceptably in the top four, and a goalie we have on the trade market.

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