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(Proposal) A more realistic Van-Fla trade

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Before all you guys tell me we're getting raped or whatever, we all saw earlier this week with the Nash deal, not all trades are fair. We're not dealing from a position of strength here. We're trading a 33 year old goalie with 10 years left on his contract and he's given us one team he'll accept a trade to. We're not getting Huberdeau or Howden or Gudbranson. I can see a trade going down something like this.

To Florida: Luongo

To Vancouver: Santorelli, Upshall

The Panthers take on one of our bad contracts and in return we take on we're of theirs (Upshall). Santorelli is a local kid and plays center, something we desperately need until Kes can return. Flame away CDC!

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HE has to get much more than that. Yea trades aren't fair, Columbus seriously lost that trade for Nash, and i hope Gillis has more sense than to deal Lu for a couple borderline depth players. Gillis would be insane to let go of Lu for that little.

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I personally would keep Lou over taking garbage, I don't think MG is that desperate to trade him. Corey Signed with Lou still a nuck and Lou signed a lifetime deal with the Canucks neither can be suprised if both are Canucks to start the season.

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A 4th liner? For what it's worth, Santorelli finished 2nd in team scoring 2 years ago playing with god knows who. One more point than our boy David Booth. Hardly a 4th liner. Look, I never said this trade is fair for Vancouver, but realistically, I think this is what we're gonna get.

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Luongo, 2nd rd pick for Weiss,3rd rd pick

Sign Doan




Weise-Lapierre-Manny ***Let Kassian get some more AHL experince or call him up if he is progressing well






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Shawn Matthias is an interesting pick. Some preliminary scouting suggests he's a strong body, good skater and has a strong hockey sense, knows where to go. He's listed @ 6'4" and 220 lbs, but from his stats he doesn't appear to be overly physical for a checking line center. As a comparison the past 3 seasons he's averaged 14.6 fewer hits per season when averaged out over a full 82 game schedule than Burrows in the same time frame, at 24 years of age I'm not sure I would take a chance on him as the long term answer for the 3rd line, particularly as we have Lapierre already and Gaunce coming up the ranks.

Unless he is burgeoning with offensive talent and could slot into a 2nd line play making role, I think I would take a pass. That being said he is only 24, during his time in the OHL he progressively became more comfortable in an offensive role; the same could be true for the NHL, the past three seasons averaged out over 82 games he has scored at a 0.30 PPG pace. There is also a history of ankle injury so providing that's past him he may very well turn out to be a diamond in the rough; or he could be another Brad Isbister. Main piece coming back in a Luongo trade? No thanks, but I certainly wouldn't say no to him being included to sweeten the pot.

I would definitely pass on Goc, this guy makes Salo look like an iron man.

I would forego the inclusion of a 1st round pick in place of a B-tier prospect like a Howden or a Bjugstad. As for main pieces returning, I would have to say one of either Clemmensen or Theodore. Clemmensen would be easier to move as he doesn't have a NTC, but he just re-upped as a UFA with Florida, and Theodore has history with our current goaltending coach though that hurdle is not insurmountable. If I remember correctly, the current goaltending coach for the Canucks was brought in mainly for Luongo's benefit; if that history is negative it's simple enough to find a new goaltending coach that Schneider can gel with.

Additional pieces would be role players, added depth for the bottom 9, we're not getting an established Top 6 guy for Luongo, that's just a pipe dream.

I wouldn't mind a trade of:


Theodore (or) Clemmensen



Howden (or) Bjugstad




3rd round pick 2013






Kassian in the AHL for a full season to hone his craft.

If no Doan then,






Kassian in the AHL for a full season to hone his craft.

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