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The Official NFL Prediction Game 2012/2013

Tony Romo

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Pretty easy in genral

For every week you predict who will the games and the score.


+1 for a win

+5 for correct score

0 for a tie

-1 for a loss

for example you predict

Dallas 27- 21 Ny Giants

there a 3 possibilities

1- the real score is 27-21 dallas then you get 6 points.

2- if new york wins then you get -1

3-if dallas wins but not 27-21 you get plus 1

Anyone can join!!!!!

We will be doing predictions for pre season and the hall of fame game but thats just for practise.

Then there will be a regular season champion and a playoff champion.

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I'm in, but mostly for Pats games only.

.....I think it'd be a solid rule for users to predict one game a week...makes it more detailed as you get more time to think about a game and I won't have time to predict every game, think others won't too.

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