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Best place to buy a record player


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The term turntable has been used for decades and is not "usually" used for record scratching DJ's.

Try Sound hounds in Victoria, talk to Paul or Don and ask about the entry level Rega or Goldring turntable.

If the records you have are scratched up a bit try to pony up a few extra dollars for a "line contact stylus".

This will eliminate most ticks and pops.

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Depends on what you want? Someone touched on this earlier as well.

Oh, and small detail here, a "record player" is traditionally something that is both a turntable and an amp/receiver combined..like a full cabinet unit that you will see on used websites. A "turntable" is a solo unit that you run through an amp/receiver. Most people these days if not all want a turntable. Although these days the terms have become synonymous so it's not really a big deal either way.

For DJ-ing:

Buy used, go on used victoria or craigslist...don't buy top of the line when you are just starting...buy a cheap set of direct drive TT's (not belt drive for DJing, belts won't last) and try it out, make sure you like it. Of course if you are buying for DJing your price is going to be a lot more, as you need two TT's and a mixer, as well as the rest of your usual stereo equipment.

Assuming you are buying just to listen to records, for about $350 you can get a new Rega 3, which is a sick sick turntable. Rega has been making turntables for 50+ years and makes models that run well into thousands of dollars, but with the Rega 3 they took all of their most important features and paired everything else down, creating an affordable turntable with high end components. I honestly cannot remember if mine was $350 or $500, so I apologize if you are are disappointed when you get to the store. Atlas Audio in Victoria on Yates near Vancouver or Quadra sells them.

If you can find a Rega 1 or Rega 2 online for $350 buy it if it is in nice shape.

Finally, head down to Turntable in Fan Tan alley and chat with Ernie or Gary, they love to talk and you will be there for a while, but they have a lot of good advice to give on the matter. Most important things to look for are a nice tonearm and a good quality stylus. If you are going for a listening turntable instead of a DJ turntable a belt drive seems to be the preferred choice...and having had many different turntables both for DJing and listening, I would agree with belt drive for listening quality.

Cheers hope that helps!

Be careful buying records these days too...I started about 5 years ago and stopped 2 years ago b/c they are back in vogue now and prices are ridiculous unless you know what to look for.

Sound Hounds is OK but if you are a young guy who doesn't know a lot about the equipment they are gonna rip you off a bit...also they aren't the friendliest staff in the world.

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