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NHL 13 Online Be a GM PS3


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Im looking to start a GM connected mode for the PS3, with hopefully 30 team league. We would like to have active , and skillfull people with no quitters or whiners. Any inactive people will be removed from the league. Basic Be a Gm settings apply(trades and injuries on).

please reply back to this topic if you are intrested. Below are the teams available and teams taken.

please write in your reply where your from(East coast or west) ,your psn and if you are going to buy the game on the first day or within the first week. thanks.

Anaheim Ducks -

Boston Bruins -coolstorybro01

Buffalo Sabers -batmotfinger

Calgary Flames -

Carolina Hurricanes -dlema34

Chicago Blackhawks -Ares

Colorado Avalanche -kooner91

Columbus Blue Jackets -

Dallas Stars -allidoiswinwin55

Detroit Red Wings - ahlumann

Edmonton Oilers - grandaddyp2234

Florida Panthers -

Los Angeles Kings -jrai69

Minnesota Wild -snipe_killer

Montreal Canadians -bieksaangryface

Nashville Predators -

New Jersey Devils -maurice douglas

New York Islanders -

New York Rangers - Jatt_lally

Ottawa Senators -devildan07

Philadelphia Flyers - yomomma6044

Phoenix Coyotes -

Pittsburgh Penguins - jp2234

San Jose Sharks -nucks978

Saint Louis Blues -burrows_14

Tampa Bay Lighting -nahal_96

Toronto Maple Leafs - shergill077

Vancouver Canucks -keslerluongo17

Washington Capitals - mallhi009

Winnipeg Jets -

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