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Van-Fla while not signing doan

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Luongo's trade value won't be as high as MG wants as we saw with the Nash Situation so something like this would be fair

To Van:

Matthias,1st round pick (2013)

To Florida:


Honestly i don't know what to do with raymond he doesn't belong in our roster there is no room so lets just say we traded him to any team for a pick

Sedin Sedin Kassian (after a full season of training Kassian maybe just what the twins need)

Booth Kesler Burrows (Booth and Kesler need a play maker give them time and it will be just right)

Higgins Matthias Hansen (good third line that will be very agressive solid in both zones)

Wiese Lappy Malhotra (Good fourth line hopefully they will work out so we don't keep Subbing 4th liners)

Hamuis Bieksa (our best defensive pairing last year)

Edler Garisson (offensive line 2 blast of a shot)

Ballard Tanev (these two actually go well together some of Ballards best time here was with Tanev)



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I love how everyone is trying to be funny by posting stupid pictures. But honestly you are right in one way, there is no way we are getting anything good back for Luongo. Our expectations are way to high and yes, by the Nash trade we saw that great players don't get a lot back. So maybe tweak that trade a bit but there is no way we are getting to much back for Luongo.


Kassian will be on the first line if he works his ass off non-stop, and by the time he's ready both the Sedins will be about to retire.

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Yeah, you know, I think people do have to adjust their expectations somewhat on what may be coming back for Luongo. Just the freedom from that 5.3 million cap hit for the next ten years is of real value by itself. A good player can still be had for that kind of money. I really hope Kassian isn't forced into a first line role just yet though, I haven't seen it in him yet. Let him settle into a support role at age 21.


Oh, and I sure hope there's some toughness added to our third and fourth lines next year. I don't see any on that roster of yours and big tough teams won the last two Stanley Cups.

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