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LA Kings diss UFC,as the ufc heads to LA.

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Hey guys. Was readin this article this mornins and found it interesting. It may be the twitter acount moderator for the Kings who is in hot water,but it seems like the organization as a whole has become rather cocky. Here is the link,and I love the UFC`s follow up tweet to the origional LA tweet.


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Winning is good. You get to brag.

Losing is bad, and before late this season, there WAS no 'cocky LA twitter feed.'

Sadly, these guys will come and go like the latest 15 minutes of fame reality star. It's sad because they don't know it.

Bring on the unprofessional 'official team' tweets in the meantime.

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When we lost to them I was heartbroken, but accepted that they won. But since then they've done so many douchey things that make it harder to have lost to them.

Seriously, combat sports are one of the oldest sports in the world. MMA is just a combination of different combat sports. Are wrestling, boxing, and jiu jitsu not sports either?

Just because they have some jackasses in the fanbase doesn't take away from the sport itself.

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