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[Proposal] Sign Jason Arnott

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Best center left on the FA market, veteran with lots of playoff experience.

With Kes unlikely to start the season, we have a great need for depth at center.

He can bring some much needed size to our team, standing at an impressive 6'5" he'd be a very nice temporary replacement for our 2nd line as Kes recovers. He could then take over the 3rd line C position, which I'd definitely prefer over Lapierre or Manny on a regular basis.

He would also be great on our 2nd PP unit, which needs a good experienced center ever since Kesler started playing on the 1st unit. (And since Hodgson was traded)

I think we should sign him to a one year deal (The fact that he is 37 years old comes into play, obviously) in between the 2.5-3.0 mil range. The Canucks have 2.4 mil in cap space at the moment, with Kes on the Injured Reserve List as well. I see this as a substantial answer for our center woes, whilst Kesler is injured-- as opposed to using an unproven prospect, in his stead.

Just another opinion, thoughts?

EDIT: For those who don't know, he did fine with St. Louis last year in checking assignments. Scoring 17g, 17a with a plus-13 while playing 72 games. Pretty good for an older player if I do say so myself, which considering guys like Ray Whitney and Jagr are still playing great, it doesn't seem age makes too much difference these days anyway.

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I just don't see him a shutdown C but I could see him working as well for the right price. I also don't think you can compare his +/- with Malhotra or Lapierre because of the difference in how AV and Hitch dictate ice time. Malhotra had an unprecedented amount of defensive zone starts compared to anyone in the league and uses his 4th and 3rd lines generally to either win faceoffs and move the puck out of the Defensive zone or shutdown top lines. Hitch likes to match Backes up against top lines and could generally roll 3 lines of 2way forwards. If AV decides to roll 3 or 4 lines evenly I think Arnott could be successful but if he wants to give the Sedin's and Kesler lines the best offensive opportunities it will put a lot of pressure on Arnott. Backes, Berglund, Sobotka all faced higher quality of compettion than Arnott although Sobotka did play on the wing as well last season but I'm not sure how much as he had about 200 less face offs in the same amount of playing time.

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