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In a hypothetically perfect world, Player Salaries would look like this

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Although I don't ever expect to see the players agree to this, in a hypothetically perfect world free agency would be much more competitive and exciting if there were actual salary rules put in place.

For example, a maximum raise rule. If the NHL were to implement performance-based raise ceilings, a lot more teams could be competitive in the Free Agency hunt and it really would come down to team culture and the GM's pitch rather than who's gonna be the first to throw a ludacrous contract out there.

Let's say Player A made 2 million last year on a 1 year deal. He had 23 goals and 55 assists for 78 points. Then he would fall under a certain category (let's say allowable 180% raise) for hitting a certain tier of point totals. Perhaps a formula could be created based on previous salary, a combination of the performance of that player under all the years under that salary, etc to create a certain percentage that is the maximum the player can earn.

To make it fair for all, there would be different performance aspects that the players would be judged on. Kind of like replacing performance bonuses with maximum salary allowable. So for example, hitting a certain +/- allows a certain % of raise, or for grinders a certain Takeaway/Giveaway ratio combined with points etc.

It would take a lot of work and a lot of confusion, but I think it's a much better way of conducting Free Agency and ensuring players stay LOYAL to their teams than having the Suter's of the world go out there and wait for a ludacrous offer.

It's a pipe dream, I know, but that's my hypothetical dream scenario.

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The NFL franchise tag is a little bit like that. For those that don't know what it is, a team can "franchise" one of its free agents for a one year contract. That player has to accept a contract which (I think) is the average salary of the top 5 salaried players at his position.

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"In a hypothetically perfect world", sports fans wouldn't spend so much of their time crying about player salaries when they aren't subjected to that same constant criticism themselves regarding their own paychecks for the work that they do, regardless of what that may be. And, please don't start in with the difference in the amount of money they make compared to those of us who aren't even close to that. No one ever complains about the likes of U2, McCartney or whoever and the money they make from record sales and/or touring. And no one ever complains about the astronomical amount of money high priced Hollywood types (be it behind or in front of the camera, or the behind-the-scenes executives) draw. Yet, fans ("But, WE pay their salaries!") and, especially the bitter media (them and their annual overpaid/underpaid lists drive me absolutely nuts) are ALWAYS going on and on too long about the money pro athletes make.

Me, I could couldn't care less what they as individuals make. And, the only time I do actually pay it any mind is when there are overall salary cap concerns for the GM to think about.

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