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Doan: Would you do it?

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If an NHL team wants a shot at landing Shane Doan, it's going to be quite costly.

A source told Globe and Mail hockey columnist David Shoalts on Friday that the unrestricted free agent forward is looking for a four-year, $30 million contract if he leave the Phoenix Coyotes - the only franchise he's ever played for.

Doan is coming off a five-year, $22.75 million contract with an average annual value of $4.55 million.

Doan, who hit the market on July 1, already visited with the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers last week while taking part in collective bargaining talks with the NHL and NHL Players' Association.

The 35-year-old forward has maintained that his first priority is to stay with the Coyotes and is keeping a close eye on whether prospective buyer Greg Jamison will be able to close his deal to keep the team in Arizona. According to reports, Doan and Jamison met Friday to discuss the possibility of progress being made towards a sale.

In 1,119 career NHL games - all with Winnipeg/Phoenix, Doan has scored 296 goals and 738 points.

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Thats a long commitment for a lot of scratch. I think Doan is a great player and I would love to have him on the Canucks but I wouldn't want to destroy the Canucks future by signing him. 5.5 AAV for 4 I would do for sure but 7.5 is just too much IMO.

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Maybe not this off season, but there must be better ways to spend $30 million over 4 years.

Burrows and Edler will need a raise. Not sure if there is anyone left in the free agent market?

Year 1: $7.5 million

Year 2: $6.5 million

Year 3: $5.5 million

Year 4: $4.5 million

Cap hit can't go down for every year.

He would be a $7.5mil cap hit for the duration of the contract.

Not worth it.

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In no way is Shane Doan, at 35 years of age, worth $7.5M / a if I am the GM of a team challenging for the Cup.

He is not a big name. He is, at this stage of his career, a solid second line player on the decline. Would I like to see him in a Canuck's uniform? Ab-so-freakin'-lutely. Do I guarantee him $30 over 4 a? Sorry. That is insanity. Sad thing is, if that's what the market says he is worth, then that's what he's worth.

I hope we sign him, but not at this price point.


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Guest gumballthechewy

I wouldn't sign a player who has never scored more than 80 points (78 career high for Doan) to a 7.5mil a year contract. That kind of money, in my opinion, is reserved for consistent point per game players who have won something in their carrer.

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