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[Proposal] Cal-Col

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Bouwmeester and Backlund


Stasny and O'Byrne

I saw this posted on Hockeybuzz by a Calgary blogger and thought it was a pretty interesting deal. Does is sound fair? It definitely helps both teams as Calgary gets a top line C and a 4-5 shutdown D and Colorada gets a partner for Johnson and a 3rd line C. Both Stasny and Bouwmeester have struggled to live up to thier contracts and both make the same amount aprox 6.6 mil. O'byrne and Backlund both have some upside and are young enough to continue to improve. I would say that Backlund has more potential than O'Byrne but Stasny is better than Bouwmeester.

Tanguay Stasny Iginla

Baertschi Cammalleri Hudler

Glencross Cervenka Stempiak

Bouma Jones Jackman

Giordano Wideman

Butler O'byrnie

Brodie Babchuck


Landeskog Duchene Parenteau

Jones O'Rielly Hejduk

McGinn Backlund Downie

Mcleod Mitchell Kobasew

Johnson Bouwmeester

Hejda Zanon

O'brien Wilson


Oops thought I was in Proposal sorry mods...

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Me, yes but hey I thought this was a decent proposal, maybe not 100% there but close.....sounds like I am the only one so far. I think Calgary was hoping that Bouwmeester would replace Phaneufs offensive and physical abilities but Jay has never been an overly physical guy and I think playing in a weak southeast conference padded his goal production. Is he worth 6.6, no. I still think he is a very good defender and one of the best skating D-man in the league.Stasny put up some goodnumbers for a few years but has definitely cooled and I believe hit his ceiling. Both Duchence and O'Reilly have surpassed him and he is not worth the 6.6 he makes especially as a 3rd line C.

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Geeze. Why can't people just answer the guys question instead of telling him he's in the wrong forum. He already apologized. To answer your proposal, I also think its overpayment by the Avs. Jaybo sucks. He can't score and isn't physical

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