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MGs decision to let Raffi Torres go looks like a good one.

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After his single season here, Mike Gillis decided not to resign Raffi Torres, a player known for his massive hits and ability to make other teams keep their heads up, leaving many people here disappointed that we didn't extend his contract. After this season I think it was a smart move not re-signing him, and although I do think he is a good player and a good guy, he has become a liability.

Going into the 2012 season, Torres had already received a 4 game suspension and narrowly missed a second one. Whether you think he deserved to be suspended is irrelevant because in the leagues eyes, they were dangerous. Also, in 2012 rulebook changes were being made that were expressly banning such hits. So heading into the 2011-12 season, Torres was either going to be a liability with his reckless play (as the league describes it), or having to change his style and become less effective. I am glad they didn't extend him because although he scored 15 goals and 26 points with Phoenix, he received a fine and 2 suspensions amounting to 31 games and a 4 infractions in 2 years. Not the type of liability the Canucks could have used.

Again, it is not relevant whether you believe those suspensions were fair or not, because either way he was still suspended 4 times and he has still injured 4+ players in the past two seasons. The league does not view him well, and his punishments are only going to get harsher.

Even if he does smarten up, he will have to become a less effective player to do it, and not the same Raffi that we loved.

I bring this up because often I hear people on hear complaining about how we let Torres go, so I though it would be worth the discussion and I didn't see any ongoing discussions about it. (The only ones were from April about his suspensions). So do you think the same way? Do you think he would be worth the suspensions and the ire of the referees? Also do you think he would put our stars at a higher risk of being cheap shotted themselves with his hits?

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