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UBC Grade Appeal


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Okay, thanks to all of you that have replied.

I did get a response and he is allowing a viewing.

The the thing is, he has posted the final exam marks and all, and I felt confident about the exam, but the result doesn't show how well I did. Now, I probably did bad, or he didn't mark it right. I'm not saying he's at fault, I could be at fault also, there's no blaming. But I just wanted to know the procedure just in case I decide that an appeal is needed. I know you can also appeal the exam itself if you think it has been marked unfairly according to the Guide that AMS has up.

EDIT: I'm just trying to exercise my rights as a student if need be.

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Alright guys, the viewing is tomorrow.

What happens if we have a dispute between answers on the exam? And say I believe that it wasn't marked correctly?

I can choose to appeal, right?

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Argued on a couple of questions, made my point. No change.

Contemplating whether I should get it re-makred or not.. Btw, does a different instructor re-mark the exam? If not, there is no point!

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