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[Prosposal] Lou for Iggy

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You said the Flames need a younger goalie. By no means is Luongo any younger than Kipper. Calgary has the 'younger goalies' in Irving and Karlsson. This move makes absolutley no sense from a Calgary standpoint.

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I'd love Iggy, but the move would have been Hodgson and Lack last year at the deadline.

It may be Lack plus Kassian or Jensen at the next deadline??? But Lou is a non starter...

But why would Calgary take on Lou if either of;

They still have Kipper who is pretty close to Lou's status? or...

They start rebuilding (which they are if they trade Iggy), in which case why does Lou waive his NTC???

(and FTR, I'm not endorsing Lack + either Kass or Jensen, just that's what it would take, but all things considered, last year I would have traded CoHo).

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