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Silverfish; Bug experts, I need your help


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I hate bugs. From the very start. I have seen a few silverfish crawling around and I just can't seem to live happily and sleep properly without having to worry about it.

Silverfish in description are are really fast and long (they move like a fish, thus the name). They are long and skinny, they have silver scales, but some can also be black. They have two long antennas at the head, and 3 short antenna-like tail.

I have googled and tried my best to hunt down any information I could find in helping me. And so far I am terrible at getting rid of them.

Some facts about these crawling bugs that I found:

- They love cool wet/damp areas such as the bathroom and kitchen

- They are nocturnal, so they only appear at night (can be found in closets and kitchen cupboards)

- They like sugars and starches

- They also like books, magazines, wall paper glue

- Apparently they can lay eggs in cereal too (I haven't eaten cereal in weeks)

- They can live without food for a year (Pretty gross eh?)

- They can live up to 8 years

- They don't have a queen or one "monarch" in charge

What I've done:

- Removed food sources and put them away properly

- Used some chemical spray to reduce them in numbers

- Clean and vacuum often to remove crumbs, eggs, or other things they might live off of

I came across this book written from this guy on the internet, I didn't want to try it because it looked a little fishy.

But no matter what I do, I keep seeing them. It's like they won't stop.

I heard the exterminator may not help and will be very costly.

I was wondering if anyone had the same problem, it would be great to get feedback on what I should do and learn some natural ways (or any other way) to get rid of them.

I hate this bug with a passion. And I thought spiders were bad....

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- Taken from Yahoo answers:

Borax acid, it is safe for you and your pets it is even used in daycare. It is a powder that you just sprinkle it around where the silver fish are. It looks like small shards of glass under a microscope. it gets under their skin and kills them. it is very safe and found naturally in nature. I use it once a year and it dose silver fish roaches, palmetto bugs and ants I live in FL. we have lots of bugs. you can get it at the hardware store and it is cheap.

Some info here as well, not sure if very useful:


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Hey man, welcome to the club. A couple years back our house had tons of these little assholes. I can't tell you how many times I've walked outside my room to see them scurrying across the floor. They really seem to thrive in humidity, and came out a lot during the long summer nights. They were pretty scarce come winter time.

Lately though, maybe in the past year or so, I haven't really noticed any around (by that I mean once in a while, but not nearly as often as I used to, almost every night). Not really sure what contributed to it, but one thing we did was to seal some of the cracks and openings where the floor or ceiling met the walls. I guess its been much better, but I'm not entirely too sure if that's the main reason for it. We haven't had to hire an exterminator or anything, so I'm not really sure how helpful they would be.

I totally know what it's like though. Pesky little buggers.

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Honestly, there's not that much you can do about them. You can minimize them by trying to keep your house dry and removing food sources, but you'll never eliminate them. At best you'll probably still find one in your bath tub every few weeks. The good news is, they don't carry disease and unless you have a really bad infestation they're not going to damage your stuff so yah, I would say, just keep your place clean and dry so they don't get out of hand, but you'll have to learn to live with the occasional bug!

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