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Edler comparable to Enstrom - Eklund


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I don't consider myself a complete Canucks' homer and I feel many of the Canucks fanbase over value many of our players (we also under value many as well - Lui) but the article by Eklund today estimating that Edler is comparable to Enstrom seems off-base.


I don't think Edler is a Norris candidate or ever will be but I can see him being a perennial all-star. Enstrom is good steady offensive defenseman but I think he may have peaked. Maybe i haven't seen him play enough.


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They're not comparable, because they don't play the same way.

Edler is/can be a LOT more physical than Enstrom. Tobias just doesn't have the ability to hit people like Edler does. Enstrom is 5'10" 180, enough said.

Passing ability and puck movement perhaps, but that's only one dimension of the game.

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They are only comparable because, they are both in the 10-20 range of top defense men. Edler has more upside, but is still inconsistent. Contracts should be really close, Edler deserves more but hope he signs a discount.

Enstrom is more of a puck moving defense man, very smart and is reliable defensively.

Edler is more like a truck, hard hitting guy, that can put up points.

Key note is that Enstrom had an off year last year, he usually hits 50 points. Edler got 49 last year, and had an off year defensively.

Like I've said in the Enstrom re-signing, Enstrom's contract is around the range Edler's contract should be.

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I would say Enstrom has a nicer set of hands but other than that Edler is bigger, more physical, harder shot. Both are nice skaters but I would give the edge to Edler. He covers ice well and has a very efficient stride. Like I said earlier, I think Enstrom might have a bit better hands/vision but not by much. Edler has fairly nice hands and good vision too.

Overall, Edler is way more valuable and has more potential IMO. They are very different players and Eklund tends to post stupid crap like that when there is not much to talk about.

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