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Get more specific and you'll get an answer. If you wan't OFFENSIVE COMPARISON between all Nucks, here it is: How the boys rank in Points Per Game assuming they all played equal minutes (20) of even strength and nothing but each and every game:

Sedin H 0.859

Sedin D 0.766

Burrows 0.744

Higgins 0.714

Hansen 0.696

Ebbett 0.658

Booth 0.541

Kesler 0.498

Raymond 0.483

Malhotra 0.468

Lapierre 0.463

Bieksa 0.451

Kassian 0.381

Edler 0.349

Hamhuis 0.314

Weise 0.291

Garrison 0.279

Salo 0.208

Ballard 0.207

Alberts 0.104

Tanev 0.102

Volpatti 0.098

Why this approach is not the whole picture:

-offensive/defensive zone starts

-talent/lack thereof of one's linemates

-level of opposition's defensive ability

Otherwise, it's pretty damn fair and revealing in some cases:

-Higgins & Hansen (not just Burrows) are among the most cost effective players in the game.

-Kesler may have had an off year but take it as fact that even in 10-11 he still would not have matched the even strength prowess of the others. When it comes to offense, to sum up: he's all PP.

-Ebett is as good a producer as can be hoped for for a 13th forward/skilled sub player. (small sample size, however).

-Bxa is (fraack me purple, I may have wronged the guy) an even strength point producing beast as D men go.

-Garrison is more than sufficient replacement for Salo.

-Lapierre is likely better than last year's version of Raymond if zone starts and on-ice talent level were factored in (someone wanted to know in another thread).

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