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Pinizzotto's fit


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Where are we going to see this guy fit into this years lineup??? And what are we to expect?

He was signed last offseason and came into camp and AV himself said that he sorta knew what kind of toughness he was getting in pinner but even he was surprised with the skill set that came along with him. It seems to me though that management is really planning on giving this guy a real shot this year to cement himself in the lineup.

I say this because canucks management could have easily have just forgotten about him and let him leave after he sat out the entire last season after signing just a one year contract. Dude basically signed contract, got injured, then rehabed all year while making money. Obviously, if management has extended his contract, they see something that we haven't seen ourselves yet.

The other reason i see him getting a legit shot is because of this recent media tour the canucks did. Jory Tory and Rory??.. something like that... They travelled to interview Schnieder, Tanev, Lappierre, and Pinizzotto. You could argue the first three aren't really "new" players, but players who stepping forward are guys who can become part of our core which is what throws the curveball as to why Pinizzotto was included in this tour. Glad he was though cause you can just tell he is itchin to prove himself and crack the NHL.

Anyways, I see him starting out on the 4th line but since AV seems to have a soft spot for him (Aaron Rome 2.0?) he should get a crack on the 3rd line.

(just had to go through and edit Pinizzotto's name sp.. weird sp)

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Same opportunity he had last year. He has a shot at taking one of the 4th line wing spots. Unless he has some fluke career year, that's as far as I see him getting. It's not going to be an easy spot to lock down either. The likes of Volpatti, Weise, Kassian and even Raymond will be knocking on that door as well.

Edit: I'm hoping he takes a permanent wing spot on the 4th. He was one gritty and hungry son of a gun last Preseason. I suspect he'll be even hungrier this year.

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