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Peter Jackson confirms third Hobbit movie

Bilbro Baggins

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So it looks like the rumours and speculation were true, and there will be a third Hobbit movie. Check out Peter Jackson’s official statement, which just hit facebook.

"It is only at the end of a shoot that you finally get the chance to sit down and have a look at the film you have made. Recently Fran, Phil and I did just this when we watched for the first time an early cut of the first movie - and a large chunk of the second. We were really pleased with the way the story was coming together, in particular, the strength of the characters and the cast who have brought them to life. All of which gave rise to a simple question: do we take this chance to tell more of the tale? And the answer from our perspective as the filmmakers, and as fans, was an unreserved ‘yes.'

We know how much of the story of Bilbo Baggins, the Wizard Gandalf, the Dwarves of Erebor, the rise of the Necromancer, and the Battle of Dol Guldur will remain untold if we do not take this chance. The richness of the story of The Hobbit, as well as some of the related material in the appendices of The Lord of the Rings, allows us to tell the full story of the adventures of Bilbo Baggins and the part he played in the sometimes dangerous, but at all times exciting, history of Middle-earth.

So, without further ado and on behalf of New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Wingnut Films, and the entire cast and crew of “The Hobbit” films, I’d like to announce that two films will become three.

It has been an unexpected journey indeed, and in the words of Professor Tolkien himself, "a tale that grew in the telling."


Peter J"

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hits screenins worldwide on December 14, 2012, while The Hobbit: There and Back Again arrives December 13, 2013. And while there's no news as to when Jackson will shoot part three, we’re guessing it'll hit December 2014.

UPDATE: It looks like the second Hobbit film may no longer be subtitled "There, and Back Again." A Warner Bros. press release announcing the trilogy refers to the project only as "the second film": "The first film in the trilogy, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” will be released December 14, 2012, with the second film releasing on December 13, 2013, and the third film slated for summer 2014. All three films will be released in 3D and 2D in select theatres and IMAX."

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Guest BuckFoston

So after having to sit through the LOTR trilogy I how have to suffer through a Hobbit one too. Sweet Jesus have mercy.

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Holy balls, and one can assume that each movie will be 2.5+ hours in length, too.

It's a great story, but I mean, I'm not quite sure 3 movies is needed. Then again, Peter Jackson will do the book justice, so whatever.

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As Jackson's stated to be adding more of the story and also material from the LOTR appendices, I have no problem with 3 movies as opposed to two, or one even.

Getting to see more of that world, its characters, the tie-ins and more of what I've read over the years from childhood onward, i'm at least glad to see Jackson not worrying about length, but rather taking the time to give us the story fully and richly.

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