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[Proposal] Edmonton - Montreal

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Pretty simple, addresses both teams needs.

To Edmonton:

Pk Subban

Louis LeBlanc

To Montreal:

Sam Ganger

Colten Teubert

2013 Second

Ganger + Second = Subban

Teubert = LeBlanc

EDIT Sorry I had the second in the wrong place.

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I'm curious, how does this address Montreals needs. Gagner is aun undersized 2c. They already have better in Plekanecs and Desharnais, Teubert might be a decent prospect but in no way replaces the top line minutes that Subban plays, and Montreal gives up a good prospect in Leblanc and a 2nd round pick? It might be my Montreal homer glasses speaking but I wouldnt touch this deal with a 10 foot pole

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