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If you were a girl...


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If you were a girl what do you do...

This works both ways. Girl can do the "If I was a guy" side of it.

So let's get started...

If I was a girl, aside from the obvious sexual stuff, I'd play sports. Just to see what it's like from a girl's perspective.

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menstruate, cry, shop, use my looks to get free stuff, <insert further stereotypes here>.

if i was a girl for a day, i wouldn't leave my room for half a day, the other half I'd go to the pool and hang out in the locker room. I'd probably check out half of the bathrooms along the way, just to see how much nicer they are than the men's too (it's like a night and day difference).

If I wasn't married, i'd probably check out a gay bar and try to pick up the hottest girl I could find. man would she be in for a surprise when we woke up in the morning and I was a man again. :bigblush:

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If I was a girl, I'd go to the mall with 3 other friends, take 150 pictures, upload them to Facebook, tumblr, whatever they use, and title the album some lyric from a Frank Ocean song.

If I was a woman, I'd go grocery shopping, pick up a Starbucks, go home and watch a movie, and drink my sorrows away with a few glasses of white wine, whilst, talking to a friend to complain how stressful life is.


I'm probably better off being a male.

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