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SHANE DOAN: Close to signing in Vancouver

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***LET ME EMPHASIZE that these tweets are not from the "dregers" or "Mackenzie's" of twitter, so take them for what they are worth.

I've been scouring Twitter, and apparently, Shane Doan has met twice with the Vancouver Canucks, the only team he's met twice with.

Hockeyy Insiderr@HockeyyInsiderr

BREAKING NEWS: Shane Doan met w. #CANUCKS last night. This is the 2nd meeting he had with VAN management. Only team that he met twice so far

He has also narrowed his list down to four teams:





Will DePaoli@TIOPS_DePaoli

Shane Doan has trimmed his long list of suitors down to four teams this week. #NYR #Penguins #Canucks

Also, he had a private (until now) meeting tuesday night with management. He left BC with this:


**SHANE DOAN UPDATE** Told Doan has left BC with his mind "almost made up". Very impressed with #Canucks. Ultimatum given to Jamison. #DOAN

Other tweets throughout the feed saying a decision could be made by Friday:

James Zeit@Nyrjames

A decision from shane doan will be likely on friday

Brennan Klak@nhlspeculation

If you didn't know already, Shane Doan will not sign with Calgary or Edmonton. Friday is when we may see progress on his situation.

Edit: I know these tweets are not from those big names, but its funny how they all have the same message. If you go back to deals like the garrison one, they all were saying it before dregs and BMac...Of course its no confirmation, but these influx of tweets regarding Vancouver are recent. I think they may be on to something here. And Hockeyy Insiderr BTW has been tweeting more accurately than most on Twitter jic you didn't know.

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Hockeyy_Insiderr should be made a source. He always breaks news before it happens and when "he's wrong" he isn't really. He said that Parise has a verbal agreement with the Pens they day before he signed with the wild, he did have a verbal agreement but he broke it after talking to suter about the wild

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These are rumours, not every rumour happens. I really think HI should be valid and Eklund should be placed on the invalid list.

On topic: Since everybody is saying Doan has made up his mind, I don't think this rumour is invalid, even if Hockeyyinsiderr is saying this.

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Wasn't there a report Doan was going to meet with Bergevin in Montreal this weekend?

Is he flying out there for a free lunch only to yell, "I've already signed in Vancouver as of last night... Psyche!" into Bergevin's face after he's done eating?

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