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(Proposal) 2 trades With FLA & TOR, Kesler on LTIR, 2 Major Signings & A Lineup with 13 top-9 Forwards & 7 top-6 D-Men

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A longish read but a good one.

The title explains everything in it.

- Every season for the Canucks, there seems to be an incredulous amount of injuries. So with this proposal, there isn't a whole lot of movement, just a log jam of players to keep the team rested, similar to Philadelphia.

- When Kesler comes off LTIR anywhere in December, he will have missed ~40% of the season, so that is how much the Canucks would be able to go over the salary cap ($2~ million).

- When Kesler comes back, players like Ebbett, Volpatti & Tanev who are all one 2-way contracts would be able to go to the AHL whenever for cap purposes.

- Having 13 good forwards (like the Flyers, Canucks last season or Nashville after this past trade deadline) and having 7 good defenders (like the Flyers, Sharks or the Penguins of 2008-09) would help immensely come playoff time.

- Upshall's salary is high ($3.5 million), but having him would give the middle/bottom-6 a boost in energy AND skill.

Okay, the trades....

To Florida: Luongo, Raymond, Schroeder + 2013 2nd

To Vancouver: Matthias, Bjugstad & Upshall

Florida wants to unload some unwanted salary on us, and wouldn't mind Upshall because he can be used anywhere in the lineup for either an energy or scoring guy.


To Toronto: Sauvé + 2014 2nd

To Vancouver: Franson (RFA)

Burke loves draft picks. He also hasn't re-signed Franson. Franson would really help our powerplay AND depth.



Shane Doan: 4 years @ $23.5 million. $5.875 cap hit

Jason Arnott: 1 year @ $1.25 million.

Cody Franson: 2 years @ $3 million. $1.500 cap hit


Lineup WITHOUT Kesler

Sedin Sedin Doan

Booth Arnott Burrows

Higgins Matthias Hansen

Mahotra Lapierre Upshall

Weise, Ebbett, Volpatti

Hamhuis Bieksa

Edler Garrison

Ballard Franson/Tanev


Now WITH Kesler

Sedin Sedin Burrows

Booth Kesler Doan

Higgins Arnott Hansen

Matthias Mahotra Lapierre

Upshall, Weise

Hamhuis Bieksa

Edler Garrison

Ballard Franson/Tanev


- Upshall will probably be injured at times, but that's okay because of Kesler coming off LTIR.

- Having this many forwards and defenders would help greatly for the long and into the playoffs as most of the guys will still have energy left for April.

- This logjam type lineup would also enable guys to have an off day a little more often and save some energy



Sedin Sedin Doan/Kesler

Edler Garrison


Booth Arnott Doan/Burrows

Ballard/Franson Bieksa


Higgins Matthias Upshall/Hansen

Hamhuis Ballard/Franson

5 on 3


Sedin Sedin Doan

Garrison Kesler


Burrows Arnott Booth

Edler Bieksa/Franson

Penalty Kill


Burrows Matthias/Kesler

Hamhuis Edler/Bieksa


Malhotra Hansen

Garrison Franson/Edler


Lapierre Upshall

Ballard Bieksa/Franson

3 on 5



Hamhuis Garrison



Edler Bieksa

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I like it now that you Editted it. Especially the Toronto trade. Franson would be great in my opinion. Tanev and Alberts set as Depth fill ins when injuries occur.

Also I think you should have included a back-up goalie in a signing or in the Luongo trade. Unless you feel Lack is able to handle the back-up duties.

Only issue is that the signing of "Arnott & Doan" is not going to happen as much as I would like it. It's either Doan or Arnott not both as far as I know. According to a tweet.

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Upshall is a solid 3rd liner when healthy. We wouldn`t have him as a 13th forward for a guy who make like 3mill or something. Kassian is going to bring size and toughness to our lineup as well, so I see no point in keeping him in the AHL unless he looks terrible.

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Luongo + Hansen + 3rd + 4th for Upshall, Bjugstad, Matthias

Kesler Out

Sedin/Sedin/Doan (3 years, 18.3m = 6.1)





Kesler In






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I give up with trying to determine Lu's and Bjugstad's value in Florida trades... SO had enough of that debate :bored:

Sauve plus 2nd for Franson though is a rip for Vancouver IMO, it's his rights and you want to trade that much for him?

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Just a quick note:

In my proposed roster in post #1, there is $2,658,375~ in cap space with Kesler out.

When Kesler comes back, the amount of time he spent on IR (reducing his cap hit), and sending down 1 of Ebbett, Volpatti & Tanev, will give us $ 658,375~ in cap space by December.

That would make Upshall (even at a $3.500 cap hit) our 13th forward, but he will probably be injured as well.

Yes, I'm a capologist.

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