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Scary Singles Ad


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This singles ad keeps coming up on facebook. Is it me or is this one unattractive woman? Her eyes are scary wideset giving her an inbred physco look and her teeth look like a buzzsaw. I don't want to date her is this the best girl they have in stock?

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Single, mother of two, lists her occupation as Student/Mother, wants a man that will treat her like a Princess yet still be a strong father figure for her children (biological father whereabouts unknown)

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Technically, we're supposed to judge her since her picture is being used for a dating site ad. We're supposed to judge based on her looks (the ad doesnt list her charming qualities) and think she's attractive.. leading you to sign up for their site. It's not like dating online is based on personality at first glance -_-

Oh and for the record, I dont think the female in the OP is ugly/unattractive. She seems average to me. I wouldnt call the sweetsingle girl average...

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So you're saying the sweetsinglegirl is less than average?

I think both girls seem pretty average to me. The first one is just a bad picture, likely ruined by the fact that the OP pointed out all her flaws in the picture :P The thing is, with makeup, almost any girl can look absolutely stunning. When you take off the makeup, that's when you see the real person.

As for the bolded, that's not necessarily true.

No doubt "physical attraction" is important but this does not differ online or offline. I mean.. are you going to be finding your special one at the gloryhole?

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Yes, I specifically said that at the end of my post...

Irl, we obviously do take a look at someone's appearance before we decide to flirt with them but there are so many other factors that are included which you can never tell if you're finding someone online. Y'know those cute little quirks that you notice right away and you find them to be completely irresistible?

Anyway, I've always thought that online dating is more of a looks game. If your picture isn't attractive, most people won't visit your profile. I don't have experience with that so I could be wrong and you could be right :)

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