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"HockeyyInsiderr" identity revealed

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Sunday morning I came across an email in my bulk mail folder. Ryan Henning of Barry Melrose Rocks told me Hockeyy Insiderr’s first ever tweet was a retweet of one of his tweets. His tweet was a link to a post on his website that was a creepy Sedin post. It played off a mock draft that Adrian Dater and Darren Eliot wrote for Sports Illustrated. He mentioned Adrian Dater and Darren Elliot in the tweet. Dater retweeted it and so did Hockeyy Insiderr. Ryan found all this out because out of the blue he was tweeted this (Now deleted)…


Is Hockeyy Insiderr Darren Eliot?


Darren Eliot’s old handle was @goalanon. His new handle is @Darren_Eliot. Is it possible Eliot switched his old handle into @HockeyyInsiderr, deleted all his tweets from a site like Twit Wipe ( Keep in mind Twit Wipe doesn’t delete retweets), and began tweeting rumors? It’s highly unlikely because of all the followers he would of had. Twitter would of heard something about that by now. Is it possible @goalanon and @HockeyyInsiderr were two different accounts and Eliot accidentally retweeted that tweet at first, but never undid it? That’s highly unlikely also. I personally think Hockeyy Insiderr just found the tweet funny as Dater was one of his/her first follows.

I wanted to see his tweets after that tweet, but I couldn’t find a way to view them. I tried scrolling down HI’s tweets but around the beginning of May it wouldn’t let me go down any further. I went to the website All My Tweets, but you can only see the last 3,200 tweets of someone which makes the website a lie. I then went to Google and searched HockeyyInsiderr for between the dates of January 27th, 2011 and January 31st, 2011. What came up after that was two posts from Habsterix.

Habsterix is a Senior Writer for All Habs and Co-Owner of fantomesduforum.net. Habsterix came up because in their website’s blogroll on the right side of those two articles is a link for HockeyyInsiderr.com. HockeyyInsiderr.com doesn’t even exist yet. I started searching around and I asked a writer who Habsterix was and I couldn’t believe the answer. Habsterix is anonymous blogger. Hockeyy Insiderr is anonymous. I proceeded to ask All Habs if they could tell me the identity of Habsterix. They told me they had his name and vehemently asked why I needed to know and called me silly.

I thought I hit a dead end in this mystery not being able to know Habsterix’s real name. The weirdest thing then happened…

I was direct messaged by my Twitter friend @Daniel11496 telling me he knew who Hockeyy Insiderr was. He provided some intriguing information…

First off, I’m told Hockeyy Insiderr deleted this tweet, but it was still up on his Facebook page.


Hockeyy Insiderr released possibilities of his initials July 12th.


The only person with initials of one of those at a NHL poker tournament with Carey Price is Pete Mahovlich.


Yes it was held in a native american reserve.


So Hockeyy Insiderr is Pete Mahovlich?

Unless he pretended to play poker with Price once, that is Hockeyy Insiderr.


Pete Mahovlich played 884 NHL games scoring 773 points with the Red Wings, Canadiens, and Penguins. He’s currently a scout for the Panthers and former scout of the Oilers and Lightning. That would explain his contacts in the league. Although I do believe if this is true, he started out tweeting rumors he heard, but started tweeting false ones so he could be heard more.

Hockeyy Insiderr is probably a Canadiens fan though. He followed them first and they’re his favorite team on his Facebook profile. According to his Facebook he also lives in Montreal.

Who do you think Hockeyy Insiderr is? It could be one of the people I have mentioned in this article or not. Time will tell…

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