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[Proposal] Vancouver-NYI

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We have 2 capable starters in Luongo and Schneider. The Islanders, being a budget team probably would value Schneider higher than Luongo because of the length of his contract and the cap hit.

To New York Islanders

Kevin Bieksa

Cory Schneider

To Vancouver

Travis Hamonic

Josh Bailey

1st round pick 2013

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It feels like you've given up on this team and want to personally punish Bieksa. Depth needs at C and D can be addressed for about $2M in free agency, so you're tossing away our superstar goalie and the city's favourite D for a draft pick that will either turn out to be another Patrick White or a decent player who is ready to step into the roster just around the time the Sedins are leaving for Modo.

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I'd rather just pluck Bailey from them for (Raymond and) a pick. They can keep their pick and defenseman, while we keep our two pieces. This team needs to build up to win now.

P.S. How is Bailey's level of grit though? The team could really use a strong third line center (which would explain why MG wants Arnott now)

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what a lopsided trade free,s up about 8mill in cap space for the nucks while losing our new starting goalie just recently signed and bieksa nothing more to say.

NYI gain 8mill in cap room something they probably aint to interested in doing bad trade on both side with vancity taking a huge loss which will leave the canucks faithful decimated from massive brain confusion.

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I don't think you guys know who Hamonic is, 21 year old with a +6 rating on a brutal Islanders team last year. He had 24 points in 73 games. He plays against the opponents top forwards. Although perhaps a small downgrade from Bieksa at the moment, he WILL be a top pairing for a team in the next 3-4 years. As well, the dark horse in this trade could be the 1st round pick. The Islanders will either tank again in the season meaning a top 10 pick for the nucks, or they will make it in the playoffs but not deep, between 15th-20th spot, which can guarantee the Canucks a stud in a deep draft this year. The Canucks still make the playoffs and challenge for a spot while getting younger and building for the future at the same time.

The Islanders do this for 2 main reason.

1. Goaltending

2. Experience

The Islanders have a solid core right now. Tavares, Okposo, Moulson, Strome, Niederatter, De Haan, Reinhart. The only piece they are missing is an established young goaltender and they get that piece with Schneider. This will instantly increase their chance of making it into the playoffs for years to come.

Secondly, the Islanders make this trade to gain experience. Their lineup consists of younger players. Bringing in Bieksa would give them a veteran presence on the ice and in the lockerroom. They already started adding this key component to their hockey club by bringing in Lubomir.

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