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Best Valued Contract in the NHL?


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Everyone is gunna say Burrows but there is no chance he is the best, top 5 or close to it, but not the best. Here's mine.

1. Mike Smith, 2M

2. Jimmy Howard, 2.25M

3. Brian Elliot, 1.8M

4. Viktor Stalberg, 875k

5. Alex Burrows, 2M

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Many of the bargain contracts like Burrows, Giroux, Letang, Quick, and Perry expire after this year or 2, so in terms of long term contracts I'd have to say:

Loui Eriksson @4.25 for 4 more years. Probably the most underrated player in the NHL. He's one of my favourite players so I may be a bit biased, but he consistently puts up like 70 points, kills penalties and is just overall a very good player. Definitely a first line winger and a pretty big bargain in this day and age.

John Tavares @5.5 for 6 more years. This has to be the best contract in the NHL imo. Tavares is a franchise player that you build around, he put up 80 points this year and will only get better (probably has 100 point seasons in him). Having your franchise player signed long term for the paltry price of 5.5 is a major steal. The only reason he isn't talked about as much is because he's an Islander. This kid will be one of the NHL bests this year.

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