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[Proposal] VAN-PHI

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With news of Andrej Meszaros blowing out his Achilles tendon, and losing out on Weber their blueline is significantly weaker, especially with the doubt surrounding Pronger.

This might be an opportune time to make a hockey trade with Philly to acquire a T6 forward and forget this whole Doan saga.


W Simmonds

3rd Round Pick, 2013


K Ballard

J Hansen

1st Round Pick, 2013

Canucks move on from Ballard and free up the 4.2m sitting on the bottom pairing (he really should be in someones T4) and get a young strong T6 winger with good potential in return.

Philly get's needed defensive depth and gain a 1st round pick, as well as a good grinding forward for their bottom 6.

This might even clear up enough cap space to be able to sign Doan, and keep Luongo on the roster until a bidding war ensues.










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Giving up way too much for a redundant player imo. Booth, Burrows, Higgins, Hansen and yes even Raymond are all capable of bringing what Simmonds brings to the table and we already have them. Why make our D weaker and give up a first rounder to boot?

Take out the first rounder on Van's side and I would say maybe but it would be hard to replace what Hansen brings and what Ballard is capable of bringing.

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Some of you have no idea what kind of player Simmonds is.

He's not a third liner, and most definitely not just a checker. He definitely brings something to the table that our current forwards don't, especially Raymond ( :picard:). He has size, and uses it. The guy can throw down from time to time too.

I'm not giving my opinion on this proposal, but seriously, some of you guys have no idea.

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Two ways I would do this deal: 1.If you replace the first rounder with a second and replace the Philly 3rd with a 4th or 5th, or 2. switch Hansen with Raymond, and take out Philly's 3rd, But that would be Ballard, Raymond, and a 1st for Simmonds, and although Ballard, Raymond, and a 1st can get any player in the world, it's slightly overused. With this years draft class I don't want to give up a first, no matter how late, unless it's a dealmaker for a huge player, which is VERY unlikely. Simmonds would be a great fit in our top six though.



(every player has scored 29 or more goals at least once.)

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I like Simmonds. The Nucks are lacking natural right wingers.

We could even try him with the Sedins.

Philly is going to be desperate now, and MG needs to utilize this to our advantage. He needs to sell Ballard as a top 4 D-man that just needs a change of scenery.

How about this:

Ballard and Sauve for Simmonds and a 2nd round pick.

-Philly gets the defensive depth they are lacking.

-Canucks get a gritty winger who could potentially put up 30 goals and a 2nd round pick in a very deep draft.

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Decent. Maybe take out Philly's pick, change our first to a second, and add in Tanev? So

To Vancouver: Wayne Simmonds

To Philly: Keith Ballard + Jannik Hansen + Chris Tanev + 2013 2nd

Probably the kind of overpayment it would take.

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