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[Rumour] Canucks kicking tires on Huet


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This just recently RT by Canucks Army

Kevin Woodley ‏@KevinisInGoal

Huet tells L'Equipe talked w/ Kings + Canucks. No surprise on latter if/when trade Luongo. good history w/ Melanson: http://bit.ly/Oq3a7u

Not sure how I feel about this situation.

Maybe I just have a soft spot for Dan Ellis?

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The question about Huet was never about his talent. He just got grossly overpaid by an idiotic Blackhawks GM.

Besides, aren't you that idiot who feels the need to go into every single thread about Luongo and/or Schneider and state that Schneider will never be as good as Luongo? Why should your opinion on goaltending even matter?

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