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(Proposal) Brent Johnson

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A lot of people have been talking about bringing in guys like Cristobal Huet, Dan Ellis etc. But one guy that hasn't been mentioned a lot (if at all) is Brent Johnson. He didn't have the best year last year with a record of 6-7-2 along with a GAA of 3.11 and a .884 SV%. He would make for a good back up. Sign him to a one year contract worth 700K maybe?

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He was real good the year before. In fact if I recall correctly he was one of the guys that turned it around for the Pens when Crosby went down and Fleury was in a slump. That started their run as the best team in the hockey (besides us) the last half.

------------GP W L OTL

2008-09 21 12 6 2

2009-10 23 10 6 1

2010-11 23 13 5 3

2011-12 16 6 7 2

About a .914 SV% from 2008-2011

I was very intrigued by him that year, anyone know why the decline last year? I think he might be worth a shot, although I hope we would get Clemmenson or Theodore back in return as our backup will obvioulsy be very important this year. That's three solid backup years he had before the last one.

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Johnson's a good guy in the locker room and does well in limited starts, but really isn't a backup we'd be looking for in case Schneider struggles. Huet has been mentioned, and I'd be ok with that, but there's also Nittymakki (I never get his name right) and even Ellis that I think would be better.

This all assumes we don't acquire someone via trade, but Johnson is not my first choice.

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