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What do you think of this Guy? ( I really think he will be a Canuck)


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Just call it a hunch or an educated guess but I really think this guy will be a Canuck. Hockey knowledge determines he is available for trade due to the strength of his team in his centre position.

Please just indulge me with this little game. I'm going to tell you all about this player without actually mentioning his name. I feel that people here can be very much be the "stat reader" type and base their opinion solely on whether or not a certain player has been putting up the points or not. I really believe this guy can be a viable option for our 3rd line centre position instead of Jason Arnott. People probably have their opinion on this guy but lets see if it changes if you dont know his name...

p.s. i will edit this thread and put up his name at 2 pm (1 hr and change) if you know who it is just end your reply with his initials. PLEASE dont ruin it for the rest.

This player is a massive 6'4 220lbs and shoots left. He was drafted by a team who are probably in the top 5 in the league when it comes to drafting and finding talent. He is under 27 yrs old and about to enter the prime years of his career. He is a good gritty, Canadian boy who played in the OHL for 4 years and even had 4 goals in 4 games at the Memorial Cup tournament. He also made the OHL as an under-ager which surprised many. However this guy has never been considered a goal scorer. His career nhl best in goals is barely in the double digit range but this is not his style, he isnt going to play on our powerplay. Many considers him a bust but we all know how much GMMG loves and is great at finding reclamation projects (Higgins, Lappy). Not much playoff experience for this player.

Here is what scouts had to say about him:

Talent Analysis

A hard worker, a big, strong forward with a good nose for the net; able to turn innocent plays into scoring opportunities. Has very strong hockey sense. A capable penalty killer.


Scouting Report: a hulking figure for the center position. In his second OHL campaign, he finished tied for fifth with 34 points in 67 games... it may take him a little longer than most to fully hone his skills, but he's an intriguing long-term project...

-sports forecaster

McKeen's Hockey: Really elevated his game in the playoffs and the Under 18's .. Always making a play with the puck and is very smart and a gifted skater .. Worked hard to get up in the rankings and could provide an NHL team with a quality checking line player.

OHL TEAM: Since he first made his debut in an OHL uniform on October 2, 2004, he�s not only been growing as a player statistically, but his presence and strength on-ice is definitely noticeable. It�s no wonder why he�s teammates call him �Danger� everywhere they go. �I think as you get older, your body matures a lot more,� player said. �So, I think being in better shape and being stronger does help. When you go into the corners, you come out a lot easier.�

Player X Centre- there is no debating a 6'3 centreman scoring at almost 2 PPG in the Ontario Hockey League. A dominant player down low due to his size and puck control. An absolute beast that has the ability to eat up smaller rearguards on the international stage, HE could have a breakout WJC.

Scouting Report: Huge, intelligent, and a diligent worker. Excels at making difficult passes. Despite being 6'3, could stand to be more physical.

Potential: In his prime, a lesser version of Todd Bertuzzi (30-35-65, 60 PIM)

Verdict: If he's still around, grab him

-Red line Report

There you have it folks, this is the guy I think we should target for our 3rd line centre position! Does he intrigue you? He would probably cost us a B level prospect and a draft pick.OR, We can package him in a trade but he wouldnt be the main centrepiece coming our way but he would definitely be a usefull asset! Not the scoring type but a big body presence. He is also under contract for 2 more years making under 1 million dollars and when the contract expires he will be an RFA instead of UFA.

I believe this guy has alot more in him to contribute but has never really gotten a fair shake in the NHL. Last year was his 1st full season(79 games) as he had been bouncing up and down the AHL and NHL in previous years.

Shawn Matthias! with the abundance of emerging centres that Florida has I think they would be willing to part with Matthias. Florida has Weiss, Goc, Huberdeau, Bjugstad, Shore and Howden can play centre. Whether it be on a seperate trade or a piece not the main piece coming back Lu, i think Matthias can be a great player for us. Like defencemen, big power forwards take a while to develop and he can be out very own Bertuzzi story. Florida used Mathias a ton during the instense series against the Devils last year. Matthias is a great skater, and is verry smart, something we all know Gillis loves. He also has no problem sticking up for his teammates.


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I remember this kid from the World Juniors about a few years ago, and he hasn't lived up to expectation. Then again, as a power forward, they don't really start getting good until their late 20's. Still, think he's going to be a good 3rd liner and a 2nd on a bad team type.

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