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Flames screw over MacInnis with 'Ring of Honour' equivalent


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I know this is really old news, but yes, I think it's worth mentioning and yes, I know there's already a Flames thread. I just think this deserves its own topic.

So last season the Flames decided to honour former player Al MacInnis with a ceremony labeled as 'Forever a Flame' or something to that effect, where he has his number honoured, but not actually retired. MacInnis seemed genuinely touched, even though it's more than obvious his name deserves more recognition than some second rate 'Ring of Honour' rip off.

Older hockey fans will tell you that MacInnis was more than just a standout player on the Flames, in fact, he was one of the greatest of all time.

A few of his achievements summarized:

3rd highest scoring defenceman in NHL history including a 90 and 103 point season with Calgary.

31 points in one playoff season, helping the Flames win the 1989 Stanley Cup (Oh and he received the Conn Smythe that year also, little detail there)

Easily the greatest defenceman that team has ever had, and maybe will ever have.

MacInnis went on and played for the Blues after over 11 seasons with Calgary, and he never reached the same heights there as he did for the Flames.

However, the Blues recognized his accomplishments and still managed to retire his jersey AND put a statue of him out in front of the arena.

Considering he was one of THE most important Flames during the 80's and 90's, I think it's ridiculous to have McDonald and Vernon up there and not have MacInnis as well.

If Calgary does retire Iginla and Kiprusoff's numbers once their careers end, and it will only add more insult to the accomplishments of a great hockey icon.

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Living in Calgary through their hay day years Al was the most feared defender in the league not only from his slap shot but from his fists. He and his brother once cleaned out an entire Calgary bar by themselves. They left the place destroyed. Al is legendary and the SHAMES not lifting his jersey in retirement is just another piece of evidence that they have the worst front office in hockey.

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can't believe his number is not in the rafters...

prob one of the reasons he took up with management in st louis...

(at least i think he went to st louis management... do i really have to lookj that up????)

as per wiki -

crud.... oh well - at least no cry for SOURCE!!!!


MacInnis settled in St. Louis following his retirement, and in 2006 was named the Blues' Vice President of Hockey Operations

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