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Greg Jamison has the money


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What a useless post by op.

Apparently word is he secured investors to buy the team. But as mentioned its far from done until its done....

An article in the pheonix business journal said the deal was suppose to go through a few times only to have investors pull out.

So while it could be done in the future, its not until the sale is final.

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they sent it to nhl , its now being looked over , and bettmen will say yes just so he looks right

what a shame waited all off season for Shane Doan and the week he was gonna make a decision most likely, they said he was back home just mulling over the teams and Greg Jamison comes in last minute , they said he was getting real close, and now hes NEVER going to leave Phoenix , especially not after saying I am giving them every chance to sign me :(

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1. Please don't post new threads comprised of two words (substance?)

2. This is not Canucks Talk.

Rushing the gun to "break the news" of something doesn't have to come at the expense of quality posting. There are no prizes for being first.


So is this thread. :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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