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[Signing] Chicago Wolves sign Mathieu Corbell-Theriault


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We sure have a lot of goalie prospects.

Corbeil-Theriault is actually half-decent. Behind a good Wolves team, he would actually be a decent AHL goalie. In another few years, he might be ready for part time NHL duty.

For those of you who don't know, he was drafted 102nd overall in 2010 by Columbus, and won a Memorial Cup (albeit he only played in 1 game) with St. Johns 2 years ago, before leading them there as the starter last year.

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If there is an impact from this to the overall club, it suggests we won't be signing a depth goalie unless he's going to play in the NHL. We could have gotten a depth goalie and had him compete with Lack at camp, and if Lack had won the backup role, the other goalie could have moved down to the AHl as insurance, but it appears Corbell-Theriault would be that backup for the Wolves with Cannata being our insurance.

In either case if Lack didn't earn the backup role, he would likely play a year in Sweden with extra goaltending help in the AHL now.

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He will likely split duties with Climie.

Here is the current contract status:





Lack (canucks)

Cannata ( canucks)

Climie (Wolves)

Corbiel ( Wolves)

So even if/when we move Luongo, and Lack becomes back-up... that leaves Cannata, Climie and Corbiel in Chicago.

Based on expectations due to age and talent-level -- it's safe to guess that it will be Cannata and Climie in Chicago, and then Corbiel will be the third stringer while playing in Kalamazoo when Climie and Cannata are healthy.

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